Begin at the beginning, and when you get to the end, stop.

I have to write.

It’s something I feel compelled to do, like I feel compelled to cook, compelled to read, compelled to correct people’s bad grammar if I know them well enough.

I have finished one novel length manuscript that will never see the light of day- it unwound at the end like a ball of yarn that had been in a roomful of hyperactive kittens.

I am working on another one, but the characters are being elusive, showing up at inopportune moments when I cannot stop what I am doing to write.

Yes- I see my characters as sentient creatures, with wicked senses of humor. They show up when and if they feel like it, and sometimes disappear for weeks or months on end.

I have the compulsion to write, yet the spark is missing.

Hopefully, a little metacognition in the form of a blog will entice them back out of the shadows and get them back into demanding my attention in a situation when I can write down their escapades.

I will most likely be blogging in three different areas- food/cooking, the adventure of rehabbing and making our new home our own, and writing and the trials thereof.

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