Monday Morning Musings

It is the first Monday in March, and I had to scrape frost off my windshield this morning under the dawn-blushed sky for the first time in a month.

Yesterday, I managed to catch a glimpse of the very peak of Mount Rainier over low-lying rain clouds, and immediately knew how to describe my Boreal Prince. The Muse has a sense of humor, because I was driving 70mph listening to The Kilted One freak out in the passenger seat at the time. (He hates cars…yes, I married a man who would drive a horse everywhere he could if it were practical.)

Our house is finally beginning to feel like ours, instead of just a place we live. We hung up a beautiful tapestry in shades of green as well as a Scottish rampant lion flag. Just those two little things have made all the difference.

I have set myself a goal to go back to Nanowrimo style discipline. I haven’t written more than a thousand words in all of 2013, not counting the two pages of Steno notepad I managed to scribble during a boring training at work.

This falls solidly into the category of “things that with up should not be put” (thank you Hector MacDonald, you amazing cranky old loon) and thereby is untenable. No more excuses. Fingers on keyboard, pen on paper, lipstick on mirror if necessary.*

*yes, I do have lipstick. Somewhere.

I’m not getting any younger and the fiction market isn’t getting any less competitive. I *will* get this finished before summer. (Summer starts July 5th here in the lovely and late-seasoned Pacific Northwest.)

Well damn, it looks like I set myself a goal. Time to dig the hooves in.

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2 Responses to Monday Morning Musings

  1. ladyimbrium says:

    He hates cars that much? Can’t blame him. Given a choice I’d use muscle power as much as possible too. It’s cheaper than going to the gym and takes less time.

    • Well, he can’t drive (no peripheral vision) and we were in an unfamiliar vehicle… but yes, he does. Sadly, even if I did haveaccess to four-legged drive, that would make my commute beyond impractical and all the way to impossible.

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