Ego Sum.

I am.

I am a geek, a cook, a writer, a friend, and a nemesis.

I grew up on a small farm that was always about 45 degrees off “normal”. Oh, sure, we had cows, sheep, chickens, horses. Normal farm stuff. But in the intellectual barrens of North Texas, other people had beef cattle. We had Jerseys (milk cows) and Brahmas. They had meat sheep, we raised an obscure French breed called Rambouillet, and to show I come by geekness genetically, my mother named our ram Jean-Luc, as in Picard. (My mom is a Trekkie, I’m a devotee of Star Wars. Luckily, neither of us are vicious about it.)

Oh- and the coolest thing ever- we raised llamas. I love llamas. Sweet, smart, soft, and cuddly, they are the best livestock ever. Plus, they get massive bonus points that they can step on your feet and not break bones. But I digress.

Normal, to me, has always been a chronic condition that I have been blessed to avoid.

You have been warned.


One Response to About

  1. ladyimbrium says:

    I love it! Who wants to be normal, anyway?

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